Monday, September 1, 2008

Welch tries to outdo Sullivan

Matt Welch, master of the misleading anti-McCain diatribe, is now complaining that McCain went
from saying that "Ethanol does nothing to reduce fuel consumption, nothing to increase our energy independence, nothing to improve air quality" (2003), to saying that a McCain administration would focus on "creating new markets for farmers by providing incentives to create low carbon auto fuels like ethanol" (2007).
But McCain was consistent in his opposition to ethanol subsidies. Here's a report from December 2007, shortly before the Iowa caucus:

The presidential candidate voiced his opposition to ethanol subsidies during a recent speech before an energy group in Virginia and during a debate this week in Des Moines, Iowa....
McCain has said he supports creating a market environment to encourage production of ethanol and other alternative fuels, but not government subsidies.

And McCain was no less clear in his opposition to ethanol subsidies last month.

Welch also complains that McCain wrote "God has given, shown us how to use it, but left it to us to dispose of as we choose," and later wrote the following about Charles Darwin: "It is hard for me to appreciate the history he made without seeing in its accomplishment the hand of providence....God is not indifferent to our suffering nor has He left us bereft of hope." How these sentiments are supposed to be contradictory is left unexplained. And I don't see how either contradict McCain's characterization of Paul Weyrich as "a pompous, self-serving son of a bitch."

Who benefits most from Welch's ill-informed, ill-considered rants? It's not Reason's readers.

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