Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Orbital power plant

This Friday, the series Discovery Project Earth will focus on space solar power, including what's billed as a breakthrough in wireless power transmission. Should be interesting. An approach that actually generates clean power seems to me like a more desirable option than the other large-scale projects the series has been highlighting (such as covering Greenland with reflective wrap) that are aimed only at mitigating the effects while the pollution continues.


Anonymous said...

I saw that show on Saturday, and I was quite intrigued. What I didn't see, however, was a demonstration of actual power transmission over the longer-range distances the team tested. Yes, they're getting coherent microwave beams to hold together at significant distances but how much power was actually received? It's an excellent first step, though.

Kenneth Silber said...

I just watched the show last night and I found it intriguing too. I would've liked to hear something about the economics, though. Also, it was a bit odd to see the Fresnel lens described as totally new and high-tech; they could have mentioned it goes back to the 1800s.