Monday, September 22, 2008

Romney for treasury secretary

I have not been a fan of Mitt Romney for president. But in the event of a McCain victory, I believe Romney would be an excellent choice for treasury secretary. Knowing a lot about finance without being an insular Wall Street insider, having hands-on experience in corporate restructurings, and being an empirical data-driven guy who likes free markets but is not rigidly bound by ideology -- it's a strong resume for a treasury secretary in the post-acute phase of the financial crisis. And it would set up some interesting competition for post-McCain heir apparent.


Red Eyes said...

This is intriguing!
Nice blog and I would like to stop by again?
I have read through your archives and just wondering about one of your favourite subjects "finance" in terms of what the lehman brothers bang really means? Is it really a shift in paradigm and the beginning of something new??

Kenneth Silber said...

Thanks for stopping by, Red Eyes. Definitely no shortage of new and interesting things to write about in finance these days.