Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RCN customer service

The cable company RCN is converting to digital and requiring its customers to get converter boxes. Until very recently, its FAQ page (here retrieved from Google's cache) stated:
Will my bill be affected?
Only if you need to get converter boxes for any of your TVs. If you currently have no converter boxes in your home, RCN will provide you one free standard digital converter box (as long as your account is in good standing). Additional boxes are $2.95 per month.
We received assurances by phone and email from RCN repesentatives that this was the case, even though the first RCN rep we called had stated it was not. Now, however, the company has informed us that the first converter box will actually cost $5.95 a month -- and has changed its webpage to make the above statement go down the memory hole. A small matter, maybe, but who wants to do business with such Orwellian incompetents?

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Ender said...

They have NO representative in the US... Not in Billing, Tech Support or Customer Service. But (surprise) their sales representative are in the US. If you want ANYTHING done you have to yell at these people and complain enough to talk to a manager (located offshore) and they can give you SOMEWHAT accurate information about your account and why your service is not working (which is also HORRIBLE.) Most of the time if you want to get a technician out you feel like you're' pulling teeth and then when they finally put out a workorder it takes at least 3-5 days to get a guy out there. Thats a LONG time to go without cable, internet or phone.

RCN took over our building 2 years ago so we are all stuck with this lousy company. I have at least 10 friends that CAN'T STAND their customer service and would rather go without cable than deal with this headache.

DO NOT use this company. I am paying more money now to step outside of my building's contract to go with an American-based company and its TOTALLY worth it! Essentially I'm still paying for RCN (through my assessments) but I would rather pay them and not use their service than to EVER have them as my provider again.