Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inverse relationship

Andrew Sullivan is boasting about his rising Technorati rank. I wonder if he's noticed the negative correlation between posts containing "Andrew Sullivan" and Obama's poll results. Could it be that the more people read him, the more they're inclined to vote McCain-Palin?

UPDATE 5:40 PM: Between Sullivan and this, I'm tempted to cancel my Atlantic subscription. Except I pay for it with frequent-flier miles (as do, I suspect, many people) so there'd be no money saved. And the cover story wasn't bad, even if the photographer's too clever by half. (Via Instapundit.)


Drew80 said...

I suspect that Sullivan's rising readership has more to do with human nature--watching, in fascination, as someone very publicly implodes--rather than the actual content of his website.

The content itself is pretty embarrassing at this point, don't you think?

Kenneth Silber said...

Yes, I do.