Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clinton Road, New Jersey

Clinton Road, an isolated two-lane highway north of West Milford, NJ, is known for its supposedly weird, paranormal, dangerous happenings. Well, we took an apre-ski drive on it a few hours ago and lived to tell the tale. Then again, nothing much happened, except we saw an old iron smelter and some graffiti on road signs. However, it wasn't yet fully dark, when the ghosts, witches and hellhounds are typically sighted.

UPDATE 1/28/09: More here.


Anonymous said...

Clinton Road is not a "thing" anymore. It's now fully-paved, widely-known and the police patrol it often.

It was a "thing" until about the early 90s. Now it's just another long and winding country road.

Anonymous said...

You must not know anything about clinton road. The old castle that was a mental institute? The zoo where all the animals were simply released. what about the bodys that were dumped on the road? or the blind curve where an entire car full of people died. The road most deffinetly is a "thing" still.-

Jonathan said...

you are absolutly right. it still is a thing.
i was there the other nigth with some friends. as we went around "blind mans turn" we lost control of our truck and swearved into the wooded pull off spot.
we also threw change into the river, and i dont care how crazy i sound i deff got hit with pennies.
even though its paved nd shit, its very much alive today... nd still is a thing!

dpintuit said...

Absolutely! I was there last night with my boss, we r ghost hunters. Defintie activity on that rd many orbs. Some of color. Caught a green orb and a big blue orb. Fantastic. Really un-nerverd the both of us. Great night of ghost hunting!

Anonymous said...

Clinton Road is a messed up place, and is known for its strange sightings and occurrences. I grew up in West Milford and have driven the road many times. I've been to the site of the old Cross Castle and have wandered through the woods there. I've witnessed strange things at night. I now live in Australia and Clinton Road is even known about over here. Hope to get back to NJ soon and do some more investigation.