Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The universe and George Will

A Christmas Eve thought: I wonder when George F. Will became an agnostic? I was surprised to find him on the blogroll of Secular Right, and after some quick Googling, to find that he declared himself an agnostic on the Colbert Report. Almost a decade ago, I wrote an article for Reason about weak conservative arguments for religion based on the strong anthropic principle. One of those I took to task was George F. Will, who had opined in Newsweek that certain physics findings were "theologically suggestive." I recall that I sent the piece to Will when it was published. Could it be that my riposte to him was so devastating that it pushed him away from adducing dubious scientific evidence for religion? Probably not, but if there's a multiverse, that might have happened in a universe somewhere.

Merry Christmas!

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