Monday, September 8, 2008

Class disgust

In a cogent column in this morning's Financial Times, Clive Crook explains why the left-liberal reaction to the Palin nomination is such a disaster for Democrats:
For days, the derision poured down from Democratic party talking heads and much of the media too. The idea that “this woman” might be vice-president or even president was literally incomprehensible. The popular liberal comedian Bill Maher, whose act is an endless sneer at the Republican party, noted that John McCain’s case for the presidency was that only he was capable of standing between the US and its enemies, but that should he die he had chosen “this stewardess” to take over. This joke was not – or not only – a complaint about lack of experience. It was also an expression of class disgust. I give Mr Maher credit for daring to say what many Democrats would only insinuate.
Someone needs to get this memo at The Atlantic.

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