Friday, September 26, 2008

Let Sarah debate

The people at the Huffington Post should be careful what they wish for. Here's Diane Francis:
If John McCain is too busy saving America to debate Obama tomorrow, why not send Sarah Palin to take him on? After all, he handpicked her and insists that she is qualified enough to assume the Presidency at any time.
I acknowledge that Palin gave an inarticulate answer to Katie Couric's question about what Russia's proximity to Alaska has to do with foreign policy. However, her answer was correct: the maritime border there is an important area of surveillance and potential flashpoint at a time of rising tensions. Journalists and other people who make a living with words should remember that they are much more likely than most people to be scandalized by a poorly worded answer.

UPDATE 2:15 PM: Christopher Beam at Slate has some sound advice for Palin. (Via Althouse.)

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