Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sullivan swipes

In a ludicrously unfair criticism of Glenn Reynolds, Andrew Sullivan complains that Reynolds won't accept Obama's defense on the Wright matter as adequate, and moreover...
...Reynolds voted against Harold Ford. There's no black Democrat who could ever pass muster. Because they're Democrats.
But flash back here to why Reynolds voted against Harold Ford. It wasn't exactly for noncompliance with right-wing orthodoxy:
...Ford voted for the detainee military commissions bill, which Sullivan regards as anathema. And he took a hard-line stance on immigration. As for spending and pork, which Sullivan also mentions, both Ford and his opponent, Bob Corker, say they support spending reforms, porkbusters, and increased transparency. Ford also supports public display of the ten commandments, a ban on flag burning, and says he's closer to Bush than McCain on military interrogations.
And if you think Instapundit's general coverage of Ford has been hostile, a perusal here should rectify that view.

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