Tuesday, April 8, 2008

NJ Transit customer service

Sitting in the Frank R. Lautenberg Secaucus Junction Station, waiting for a later train. That's because the relevant NJ Transit personnel couldn't be bothered to open the gate for a customer with a transfer in a timely manner. Moreover, that customer was charged an amount different from the stated price on the schedule, with the lame explanation given that the price is different if you're heading from New York, even though it doesn't say so. Poorly done, NJ Transit.

Plus, it's a bit tasteless for the station to be named for a senator who's still alive and in the Senate.

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Anonymous said...

My name Art Bulacan, a frequent commuter to New York. Never had I been reprimanded by the bus driver due a ticket that was expired.
I would to like to commend your bus driver Jeffrey Fisher (Route 324) for enforcing the bus rules fully and at the same time handling his customer tactfully and with great respect.
Merry Christmas to All of you at the New Jersey Transit for doing an excellent job.