Friday, April 4, 2008

Christianity and creationism

John Derbyshire writes:
So is the Darwin fish ill-mannered? I think it is, but only because it equates Christiainty with Creationism. Most Christians aren't Creationists, and to imply that they are is wrong-headed, tarring the many with the foolishness of the few. I can't truthfully say, as Jonah does, that I find the Darwin fish offensive, but I do think it's ignorant (i.e. of the fact that most Christians aren't Creationists) and ill-mannered (i.e. towards non-Creationist Christians).
I agree it's wrong to equate Christianity with creationism, and argued so here. But the "most Christians aren't Creationists" statement flies in the face of at least some polling. A CBS poll taken in 2005 and released in 2006 (PDF) found that 67 percent of "observant" people (I don't find breakdown of Christians from others) agreed "God created humans in last 10,000 years."

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