Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Plot twists

Charlie Jane Anders has an extensive list of Silliest Scifi Plot Twists. Excerpt:

Mission To Mars. Not only is there life on Mars, but it's incredibly goofy. And it turns out they seeded Earth with life. And now they want to meet Gary Sinise, so they can tell him how much they loved Forrest Gump.

Vanilla Sky. OMG, what is reality? Tom Cruise's tragic girlfriends keep merging into one woman, and he can't keep them straight, but then it turns out he's in suspended animation having a 100-year-shroom dream. But then he wakes up, and he's still shrooming. Or is he? He jumps off a building, and into a big eye. Whoah. What just happened? The end.

My long-ago review of M2M is here. And I revealed my personal link to Vanilla Sky here.

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