Thursday, April 24, 2008

Revenge of the boomers

Robert A. George thinks Hillary Clinton is going to win the nomination and the presidency. Why? Because of the tenacity of the baby boomers:

But the boomers will not go quietly. The arrogance the Clintons show to Obama carries a, "It's not your time yet." After they get through with him -- which they will because boomers reinvent the rules and the language to suit their own purpose -- they will do to John McCain what Bill did to Bob Dole: His time is past and he cannot lead this country.

And Hillary Clinton will win the presidency because she will convince enough of those of her own generation that they mustn't be pushed aside by those coming behind them -- and will not be repudiated by their elders.

It's a bold prediction, but I have my doubts about such demographic determinism. George W. Bush is a boomer, after all, and doesn't seem to get much generational solidarity. I'll stick with my official prediction.

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