Thursday, April 24, 2008

Seasteading update

Steve Khachaturian, CEO of VersaBuoy International, writes in response to my "New Waterworld Order" piece, which I recently mentioned:

I read a piece you did in 1997 and thought I would contact you.

My company has achieved breakthrough technology regarding deepwater platforms. We will be able to create what you wrote about! While VersaBuoy was conceived in 2001, we created our company 2 years ago and have done all of the research necessary to take it to market. We are receiving interest not only from oil and gas but also from renewable energy, Homeland Security and several groups from around the world that have inquired about a floating airport for deepwater. Our platforms can be connected together to create a land mass of any size sustainable in the harshest marine environments. (hurricanes,typhoons,rogue waves)

I know you focus on science and technology. If you want more information, just let me know.

Again, I enjoyed the article!


Steve Khachaturian
VersaBuoy International
Urbana , Illinois
Home of the University of Illinois

I'm glad to hear Homeland Security is taking an interest. I wrote about that here.

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