Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Science debate falls into black hole

At Wired, Brandon Keim asks:

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are eager to talk about religion. But why are they so scared of science?

Probably not knowing much about it and not having many supporters who care about it are prime reasons. But if there were a science debate, I wish someone would ask the candidates what they're going to do about this:
Dark energy will have an enormous impact on the future of the universe. With cosmologist Glenn Starkman of Case Western Reserve University, Krauss explored the implications for the fate of life in a universe with a cosmological constant. The prognosis: not good. Such a universe becomes a very inhospitable place. The cosmological constant produces a fixed “event horizon,” an imaginary surface beyond which no matter or radiation can reach us. The universe comes to resemble an inside-out black hole, with matter and radiation trapped outside the horizon rather than inside it.

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