Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some Ryan, Zakaria links

A couple of election-related pieces I recommend:

-- "Romney-Ryan Wants It Both Ways on Medicare," by Josh Barro, who's emerged as one of those right-wing types who says a lot of things that are discomfiting to the right wing.

-- "How Obama Created the Greatest Threat to His Presidency," by Ezra Klein. That is to say, by hyping Ryan as leader of the opposition.

And a couple of pieces I recommend about the overblown controversy over Fareed Zakaria:

-- "A Very Different Media Scandal (Updated)," by David Frum.

-- "In Defense of Fareed Zakaria," by Bret Stephens.


As for me (Ken Silber), I have my own Fareed Zakaria story. Sometime over a decade ago, maybe it was in the late 90s, I interviewed with him for an editorial position at Foreign Affairs. Unfortunately, in the couple days before the interview, I developed some problem with my ears -- an infection or waxy buildup or something -- such that I could barely hear. Instead of seeking to postpone the interview, as I should have done, I showed up, acknowledging the problem and plowing ahead into a conversation that went largely like this:

Fareed Zakaria: Hmmdm mvmvm gvmgm mvmvmvm vmvmvm vmv?

Me: Excuse me?

I didn't get that job, somehow, but I do appreciate that Zakaria was diplomatic in not pointing out how I was wasting his time. I hope his generally laudable career recovers quickly from his recent lapse.

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