Sunday, August 5, 2012

A few different things

I've just written an article sketching out what the presidential election's winner should do about tax policy, which involves some very fundamental reforms. I'll be blogging about that article when it's available in late August, but for now suffice it to say the approach is one that differs greatly from what either candidate is currently proposing, and yet has aspects that would appeal to both sides of the political aisle. More to come on that.

I am not a political monomaniac (or at least I think I am not). Among the many other topics that have caught my interest lately (besides the Olympics, which I'm pleased to have some time to watch):

-- "Decoding the Science of Sleep." Particularly interesting to learn people routinely used to divide the night into two segments, first sleep and second sleep, doing a few post-midnight activities in between.

-- "From Prison to a Paycheck." A promising program in New Jersey.

-- It's Julia Child's 100th birthday. Even someone like me, whose culinary skills are near-zero, can appreciate her life and achievements.

-- And of course, Mars Curiosity. This is going to be fantastic (assuming of course it lands safely).

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