Monday, August 13, 2012

Obamacon watch

My friend and fellow conservative deviationist D.R. Tucker has made up his mind: "It's going to be something of a weird experience, but for the first time in my life, I'll be voting Democratic in this fall's presidential election." See his post "Breaking Away." Excerpt:

I'm still not exactly a fan of President Obama. If Jon Huntsman had secured the GOP nomination, I would have voted for Huntsman over Obama without a second thought -- because Huntsman seemed to have the backbone necessary to stand up to the John Birch Society wing of the GOP. Romney and Ryan don't have that backbone. So this November, I'll set my differences with Obama aside in the name of saying no to a ticket that stands for nothing.

I sympathize. I'm not where D.R. is, but I can see his position from a not-too-distant vantage point. I too would be voting with some enthusiasm for a Huntsman ticket (Huntsman-Daniels?). I don't really agree that the problem with Romney-Ryan is that they "stand for nothing" -- actually it's more a combination of expediency and (worse) wrongheaded convictions (e.g. that we need more tax cuts) that's the problem. I note that D.R. doesn't have anything particularly positive to say about Obama--and what is the positive case for Obama? In any case, this is a moment of enthusiasm on the right--and it's never been more clear that I'm not on what's now the right.

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