Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Noah K-G's farewell

Noah Kristula-Green has his valedictory post up at David Frum's Daily Beast blog, which Noah is leaving as managing editor in order to become a power broker at the Winston Group. Noah's done an excellent job at the Beast and previously at FrumForum, and his five points are a good summation of what the overall project has been about. (I wish Noah were not right, in point #3, about it being a pipe dream to place hopes in something like Americans Elect, but the results there speak for themselves.)

I think the overall outlook, let's call it center-right, presented in the past and present Frum blogs has considerable potential to influence things over time. There is such political and ideological flux in this country these days that some decent ideas just might have a big impact, even (or especially) when few are expecting it.

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