Friday, August 17, 2012

Kyrillos for Senate

Here's a good reason to vote for Joseph Kyrillos, the GOP candidate for Senate in New Jersey:
Many Republicans voice support for simplifying the tax code while lowering rates, but Kyrillos went further and has refused to sign the pledge from Americans for Tax Reform to oppose anything that increases the net tax burden on individuals or corporations. Most Republicans in Congress, and the party's entire New Jersey delegation, have signed that pledge.
Me: Any Republican who refuses to sign Norquist's pledge deserves my vote. Now consider this:
"There's a big difference between increasing revenue by raising taxes and increasing revenue from lowering taxes while closing special-interest loopholes," Kyrillos said in a news release. "A simpler, more efficient tax code will reward hard work, boost job creation and raise revenue by growing the economy."

His campaign would not comment beyond the statement, which also criticized Menendez for supporting higher tax rates. But one anti-tax activist said he appeared to be engaging in damage control.

"If revenues are up, it doesn't matter what you call it, it's a tax increase," said Steve Lonegan, state director of the conservative Americans for Prosperity Foundation, which has funded buses to bring demonstrators to Tea Party rallies in Washington.
 "If revenues are up, it doesn't matter what you call it, it's a tax increase." That desire for lower revenues qua lower revenues is at the heart of Tea Party ideology today. It's not only appallingly fiscally irresponsible; it also departs from the history of Republican conservatism. Recall that supply-siders used to emphasize that lower rates could mean higher revenues (and drew the Laffer Curve on napkins to make the point). That optimism was often misguided but at least it reflected a recognition that lower revenues are not a desirable thing in themselves, and certainly not the answer to a fiscal crisis.

Also, a good piece on why Jersey's governor has an appeal not limited to the GOP base: "Doblin: For One Night It's All About Christie."

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