Saturday, November 10, 2012

That demographic thing

Now, since it's such a hot topic, I'm going to mention the politics of ethnicity/race. Here's a Pew chart showing the electorate half a century ago, now, and decades into the future (found via Derek Thompson):

I do not believe that those growing non-white groups are forever beholden to the Democratic Party. I think there's potential in all of them for large Republican gains. For one thing, immigrants and the children of immigrants (among others) tend to be entrepreneurial and upwardly mobile. The GOP is the natural party of entrepreneurship and upward mobility, and can win votes as such, provided it looks like--and is--a party that is inclusive, forward-looking, and not particularly concerned that whites are "only" going to be a huge plurality four decades from now, as opposed to an outright majority.

(Click chart to enlarge a bit.)

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