Sunday, November 25, 2012

Science misc.

Some links of interest, all having something or another to do with science and technology:

A wonderful photo of a man, landscape and galaxy.

An interesting piece by John Horgan on evolution, creationism and his students.

An absorbing, and sobering, article in The New Atlantis about Albert Speer.

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Ray Haupt said...

The Evolution vs Creation debate seems to have become a permanent and hotly contested fixture in American education and political discussion.
There were many comments similar to this one declaring that Creationism should not be permitted in the classroom:
"Intelligent Design has no place in a class which is teaching the scientific method because it isn’t based upon a method of hypothesis and experimentation. Science cannot elucidate religions so I would not expect to hear theories from priest".
The writer is not without a point, but how does a teacher keep Creation notions out of a classroom when a student asks questions? Perhaps in a college biology class the question can be punted, but how about in a high school classes, especially public high schools, where the controversy is most ferociously debated. Students do not live in vacuums. They arrive at their schools equipped with knowledge obtained at home, church, TV and countless other places. It should seem natural that there is confusion and questions about various matters such as the Biblical vs. Scientific versions of life.
It surely is a disservice to the students and the teachers if that question is banned from discussion when asked by students or that teachers might fear for their jobs if they do frankly address the matter. One can only hope that the vast majority of science teachers will diplomatically explain life origins scientifically without rancor or obfuscation.