Sunday, November 18, 2012

PhACT talk

Many thanks to the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking (PhACT) for having me lecture yesterday on antiscience tendencies on right and left. Possibly one of the attendees will do a writeup on the lecture for PhACT's newsletter, in which case I'll share that here. Meanwhile, here's my cover slide.


Ray Haupt said...

Thank you so much, Kenneth, for the enlightening discussion at the PhACT meeting held on Saturday, November 17, 2012 in Philadelphia at Community College of Philadelphia.

A lot of information presented in a very even handed way, something we are unaccustomed when politics are involved. Even more unusual and impressive was your handling of personal disappointment in your own parties shortcomings. That is Critical Thinking at its best. I find that my own leanings and ideas on the matters addressed are largely congruent to yours, but I have never been armed with so formidable a compilation of well targeted facts and comparisons of the various major political factions competing in modern elections.

I do hope that you will continue to have an involvement with PhACT, perhaps as a contributor to Phactum, our newsletter. Readers of your blog are also invited to participate and access our website and newsletter at Readers who wish to be added to our email newsletter distribution list may do so by sending a note to

Ray Haupt
Phactum editor

Kenneth Silber said...

Many thanks, Ray. It was a pleasure to meet you and I do look forward to future involvement with PhACT, including attending some meetings as I get to Philly now and then.

Ray Haupt said...

That would be terrific and please remember to keep me informed if you write a book or present a lecture in the Philadelphia area. I would be happy to advertise both.