Monday, April 13, 2009

"Really tied to evolution"

You have to have a really crude understanding of evolution to say what Glenn Beck says here:

JONAH GOLDBERG, AUTHOR, "LIBERAL FASCISM": Woodrow Wilson is the first president to openly disparage the U.S. Constitution what no longer relevant, and then we've been (UNINTELLIGIBLE) aside.

BECK: But he did that before he was elected president. He said, "Disregard the Declaration of Independence. It's not valid anymore - the Constitution," because this is really tied in to evolution.

I mean, I think I understand why progressives fight for evolution so much now, and that's because if evolution isn't happening, well, wait a minute, progressivism kind of falls apart. Because what their claim was, and it is so discredited through the 20th century now, that the founders understood government as oppressive, but that will never happen because man and governments have evolved into a higher state. True or false?

I defy Beck to give an example of anyone, "progressive" or not, who makes the argument he's denouncing, or who thinks humans have evolved substantially since the 18th century. We need a smart right these days, and Beck isn't it. Nor is his guest, one R.J. Pestritto, author of a Woodrow Wilson biography, who responded to the nonsense with: "No, that's true...."

UPDATE: While we're on the subject of needing a smart right, David Frum makes an incisive point:
Anti-intellectualism as a style and sensibility will always be exploited by would-be populists of the left and right. Most of the time, however, it proves to be fool’s gold. Voters in advanced democracies have a lot to lose, and politicians who appear unequal to the task of managing the government will not be entrusted with high responsibilities. Who knows? Voter aversion to gut-playing politicians may prove one of the more enduring legacies of the Bush years.

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