Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fine tune this

I've criticized various aspects of Reason magazine under its current editors. (See here and here, for example.) One thing I haven't gotten around to criticizing until now is the lame or nonexistent copy editing of its website. Consider this gibberish:

Victor J. Stenger ha
href="">The Life of the Cosmos. In this theory, our universe emerged from a black hole in a previous universe; moreover, each black hole in our universe (and other universes) generates yet another universe. Universes that produce lots of black holes therefore have more "progeny" than universes that don't. The laws of physics are reshuffled slightly with each black hole, and increasingly the multiverse is dominated by universes whose laws are "fine-tuned" to produce black holes.
That's how my July 1999 piece "Is God in the Details?" currently opens in its Reason web page, after a few thousand words have been omitted or garbled. There's a bit of an irony there in that part of what's been excised has to do with misbegotten analogies involving monkeys and typewriters. For an accurate rendition of the piece, see here.

This article, by the way, seemed to me after it first appeared to have had some success in deflating the boomlet of spurious anthropic reasoning in media and especially conservative-media circles. But the debate continues, even though as Jim Manzi notes, it's much ado about nothing.

UPDATE 9/3/04: At some point, the Reason piece got fixed. Thanks, guys.

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