Monday, April 27, 2009

Dismal Battlestar redux

At PopPolitics, Sarah Yahm complains that the Battlestar Galactica finale was filled with pat answers and also implicitly endorsed colonialism and expansionism. I don't share a political perspective that would enable me to see the back-to-nature, stop-using-technology ending as not leftist enough, and I wouldn't describe the finale as having pat answers so much as pat non-answers, as when Starbuck says her "journey is over" and then disappears because the scriptwriters couldn't be bothered to explain her post-death existence or much anything else.

It irks me to think that I actually had better explanations for some things that had happened throughout the series than the writers ultimately came up with. For example, I long suspected that the appearance of the blonde Six visible only to Baltar had to do with Cylon resurrection technology; that she was killed in the nuclear war, and her consciousness was diverted into his head rather than a new body. But no. She (and her Baltar counterpart) turned out to be just one more unexplained phenomenon, "angels" who were still around, annoyingly, in the present day.

I also once thought it might turn out everyone on the show was Cylon; that the real humans went extinct long ago, and Cylons had forced themselves to forget this fact in order to experience what it had been like to be human. I didn't particularly like that possibility, but it would have been something, a coherent ending, rather than the pile of nothing that was actually given.

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