Sunday, April 12, 2009

Goldman Sachs 666

Efforts to demonize financiers have little appeal to me, and normally I wouldn't give any notice to a blog with the URL GoldmanSachs666 (though I have some friends who might find it somewhat amusing). But I'm with Ann Althouse in thinking that if Goldman is trying to shut it down, it just might be worth a look.

UPDATE: After reading this bit of fire-and-brimstone hoo-hah from the site's author, Mike Morgan, I am yet less inclined to take his project seriously:
I am 53 years old and believe all of the answers for how we should live are in the Bible...God gave David the choice of paying the consequences at the hands of David's enemies or at the hand of God. David chose God's consequences. Hank Paulson and the thousands of wicked men like him deserve the wrath of the millions of lives they have destroyed. We must go after the crooks and make them pay the consequences for their greed and the total disregard for anyone other than themselves. We need to start with Hank Paulson, who as CEO of Goldman Sachs, was more responsible than any 10 men combined, for the violent Depression we are about to enter.

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Jr Accountant said...

Don't let Mike psych you out, he's a smart guy.

It's not the site owner worth paying attention to, it's what GS666 talks about.

*disclaimer that I write for them but uh......