Friday, November 28, 2008

Secular rightism

Secular Right, a site for conservatives who are either not religious or not inclined to mix religion and politics, now features contributions from Walter Olson, who was writing cogently about the right's increasing religiosity long before "oogedy boogedy" entered the political lexicon.


McCleary said...

D'Oh. You beat me to it, Ken. A mention of Secular Right, that is.

Since I never really made the connection between small government and supernatural deities, I find the Secular Right blog significantly more compelling than many other conservative sites.

It is the first blog I've bookmarked since yours.


Kenneth Silber said...

It will be interesting to watch. There's some danger "secular right" could translate into "neo-hereditarian and racially focused right in the tradition of Francis Galton," but with Olson involved, I have more confidence that's not the case.