Friday, November 14, 2008

How much are business schools worth?

By McCleary

Or, better stated, how much is it worth to hang your name on a school?

I work at a business school, and last year I had a discussion with colleagues at Chicago GBS and Columbia Business School about how large a gift would be necessary for any of the unnamed top tier schools (Harvard, Chicago, Stanford, Columbia) to change their names. They guessed somewhere between $250m and $500m. Turns out they were right.

Meet the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Price: $300m.

Five years ago, Stephen Ross paid $100m to Michigan.

In retrospect, John Anderson (UCLA, $15m), J.B. Fuqua (Duke, $10m), and John Kellogg (Northwestern, $10m) got into the game at bargain prices.


Kenneth Silber said...

The name of this blog could be changed for the right price.

Denise SIlber said...

It's not a business school, but the new Whitman College, a four-year residential college, at Princeton University is so named following a $30 Million donation by Meg Whitman, ex-CEO of eBAY.,_Princeton_University