Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dynamism in Peru

Virginia Postrel's The Future and Its Enemiesgets praise from Juan José Garrido Koechlin, a columnist in Peru, who upholds its emphasis on decentralized progress against calls for more government intervention in response to economic crisis. The original column in Spanish is here. An excerpt, translated by me with a little help from Babelfish:
The economic crisis has awakened the most passionate desires for more intervention. In the collective imagination, more regulation and supervision by the state would secure economic growth without traveling the painful route of the crisis. Those who bet on the intuitive statist remedy forget, lamentably, that we have arrived at a level of development thanks to the creativity, curiosity and perserverance of chaotic systems; that is to say, thanks to the lack of the constructivism that -- now -- they promote so much.
Whether there's a better translation of constructivismo than constructivism, I leave to a better translator.

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