Thursday, November 13, 2008

Artistic freedom

Thanks to guest bloggers for getting started. A couple more may be on the way (and that may be it, lest the thing degenerate into massive confusion). And while we're on the subject of freedom and the arts, I agree with Ann Althouse that hounding a theater director out of his job because he voted against gay marriage is not a good way to affirm the high importance of tolerance.


Gil Weinreich said...

The story you cite Ken is all too typical. Here's another one from Hollywood screenwriter Robert Avrech, whose career has not been helped by his GOP party affiliation

As to Dan's post, yes, art can heal -- and it can hurt; it really depends on the values and integrity of the artist.
The Scott Eckern episode is a further illustration that more public arts funding is probably a mistake. If you value art (as I do), you will find a way to obtain the art you want (the art instruction in my children's private school is superb) not the art you don't (musical theater totalitarians).

Anonymous said...

Trying that URL again:

Gil Weinreich said...

clicking on "anonymous" above will take you to the Avrech post. Sorry for the confusion.