Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Palin, counter-Palin

CNN's Jack Cafferty, whose questions to his viewers seem to emanate from a bottomless chasm of cluelessness, asks "Why is there still so much interest in Gov. Palin?" I'll give him the answer: it's because the attacks on her have continued even after the election, and have maintained the same viciousness that's characterized so much of the criticism of her since she was nominated.

Sarah Palin's greatest asset is her enemies. The smug, false and idiotic attacks on her have overwhelmed the reasonable concerns about her becoming vice president. I am not a wholehearted fan of Sarah Palin; she underperformed at crucial moments, overstated some of her rhetoric, and is more socially conservative than I'd prefer. But hearing her noxious critics -- not just on the left but also anonymous has-beens in the McCain camp -- makes me hope she will stick around on the national stage as a counterpoint to such knee-jerk cultural snobbery.

Robert A. George, never a Palin fan, has an insightful post about the latest attacks.


McCleary said...

I think the Democrats would LOVE to see a Palin/Obama match-up in 2012. Unless she drastically reinvents herself, it would be a bloodbath. If I'm the Dems, I keep attacking, because it keeps her in the news and it rallies her base for 2012.

I'm personally hoping that the GOP backs Romney or Flake (unlikely, I know) or even Jindal. I still probably won't vote for them, but I'd be much happier than if the national party gets behind a Huckabee or Palin.


Kenneth Silber said...

I'm not sure what your criteria are for preferring them over her. Is it that she's too socially conservative? Romney's become pretty socially conservative (can we assume he doesn't mean it?) and Jindal's a no-exceptions pro-lifer. (Flake I need to learn about.) Is it that she's dumb or "anti-intellectual"? I don't think that's true. I'm not saying she's my first choice, but I don't see that's she so different from the others. I do think I was too hard on Jindal in an earlier post about "intelligent design" and "exorcism." He's clearly a very smart guy.