Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palin unreserved

Gov. Palin has reportedly gone "off the reservation," rejecting the advice of handlers and setting her own tone. This seems like a good idea, especially since "the reservation," i.e. the campaign, has been so poorly run. A small consolation of what's happened is that the "not-about-the-issues" campaign strategy is being discredited.


Dan said...

As someone who would love to see the GOP split cleanly into two pieces (the fiscal conservative and socially liberal vs. the big gov't evangical and socially conservative), I hope that Palin carries the evangicals into the latter camp. I want the big tent to rip into two. Nothing makes me happier than the idea that Palin will be the flag-bearer for the GOP in 2012. It lets me know that I don't even need to pay attention.

Kenneth Silber said...

The trouble is, reality isn't that clean and neat. In particular, I see no basis for thinking that Palin is "big gov't." If she were Huckabee, that would be another story.

Anonymous said...

Truthfully, I think Palin will disappear like other failed VP noms: Ferraro, Quayle, Stockdale, Kemp, Edwards, etc..

I think, for better or worse, that 2012 becomes a party struggle between Huckabee and Romney. You and I will both prefer Romney for obvious reasons.

Just a hunch.