Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More liveblogging

9:52 PM: Nobody's answering whether "health care should be treated as a commodity." Which is fine, because the question was pretty meaningless.

9:55 PM: How about as an answer: "Yes, I think health care should be traded like pork bellies."

9:56 PM: Obama: "I think [health care] should be a right for every American." Translation: Health care providers should be forced to serve you at a government-set price.

9:58 PM: Obama's opposed to letting people shop state by state because all the insurers will go to some state with no regulations. But if people want lots more regs, why would insurers do that?

10:01 PM: A questioner gives McCain a chance to opine on national security.

10:02 PM: Obama has canned answer "There are some things I don't understand..." like why we went into Iraq. Canned but possibly effective.

10:07 PM: McCain mentions times he opposed intervention, e.g. Lebanon, Somalia.

10:11 PM: "Talk softly and carry a big stick" is a solid rejoinder to Obama on Pakistan.

10:12 PM: McCain wants to get public support in Waziristan.

10:13 PM: Obama keeps bridling at the rules. That's a sign he's worried, I think.

10:14 PM: "Green behind the ears"? Shouldn't that be "wet"?

10:22 PM: Obama says he warned about Georgia back in April. I wonder what exactly he predicted.

10:23 PM: Google search obama letter georgia april uncovers nothing of interest.

10:26 PM: What if Iran attacks Israel? I can't imagine Obama is happy with the amount of foreign policy discussion going on.

10:30 PM: Zen-like question: What don't you know and how will you learn it? Generates nothingness answer from Obama.

10:32 PM: "I hope all of you are prepared to continue this extraordinary journey called America." Sorry, can't do that.

10:35 PM: McCain knows what it's like to have other people pick him up and put him back in the fight. And he's still in this fight, I believe.

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