Monday, October 27, 2008

Libertarians vs energy independence

The standard libertarian position on energy independence is that it's undesirable, infeasible, a form of autarky that makes no more sense than wanting "coffee independence." If "energy independence" is literally taken to mean no imports of any kind of energy from anybody, then yes, it is an ill-conceived goal. But what its advocates really want, I think, is energy security, which would mean a diversified set of energy sources and a diminution of revenues to the anti-American dictators that control a large share of the oil supply. I have yet to hear a compelling argument, libertarian or otherwise, against such energy security.

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Anonymous said...

You have given a good summary of the issue.
What too many people do not understand (or have forgotten) is that "energy independence" is a patriotic slogan inspired by the Arab oil embargos that occurred the 70's.
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