Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate ending

Almost over. McCain closes with an eloquent appeal to choice and competition in education.

Overall, I'd say McCain had the edge in this debate, not in articulateness but in having something interesting to say. In a few minutes, it'll be hard to remember anything Obama said.


George Musser said...

I don't think it's meaningful to talk of "who won" and "who lost" these debates. (a) Rhetorically, neither candidate really engaged the other or, for that matter, the question. (b) Politically, it's quite possible for both candidates to win (or to lose) such a debate, since they're looking to appeal to different slices of the electorate.

Kenneth Silber said...

It may be that we're all losers in these presidential debates.

BTW there will be a post-election debate/discussion at Lolita Bar. Info here.