Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The missing case

The answer I wish Sarah Palin had given to the question of what other Supreme Court decisions (besides Roe v Wade) she opposed: Kelo v New London. But it would be interesting to know what Barack Obama or Joe Biden think about that decision, which allowed a local government to take away a women's house under eminent domain in order to award it to private developers. I am unable to find any evidence of the current Democratic candidates opposing the decision (unlike, incidentally, not just conservative/libertarian types but also Howard Dean, Ralph Nader and Bill Clinton). John McCain has weighed in, by the way.

UPDATE 10/2, 1:40 PM: I recommend Ann Althouse's analyses of the Supreme Court-related answers of Palin and Biden.

UPDATE 10/3, 11:25 PM: Good news.

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