Monday, October 25, 2010

Rand Paul for Senate

A number of FrumForum contributors offer their one wish for the midterm elections. Here's mine: victory for Rand Paul. Excerpt:
I’ve never been to Kentucky (unless you count a few minutes between planes in the Greater Cincinnati Airport) but from the New Jersey suburbs I choose the Kentucky Senate contest. My wish is for Rand Paul to win. This is not because I am an enthusiast for the candidate — who seems to have inherited a conspiracy-minded ideology from his father, given it not much thought, and then modified it for political expediency. Rand Paul’s remarks about how “In 1923, when they destroyed the currency, they elected Hitler,” struck me as a notable descent into inanity.
Perhaps not the most ringing endorsement, but there's more.

UPDATE 10/26: "Paul Debate Stomping Caps an Odd Campaign." Sadly, some of my fellow Paul supporters are thugs and cretins.


Anonymous said...

Well if that is the best that Republicans can do then perhaps becoming a RINO is your best alternative. How about Christine O'donnell in Delware, Joe Wilson in Alaska, Paldino (governor in NY) What "marvelous" talent in the Tea Party side of the GOP (Grotesque Out-of-Date Party)

Kenneth Silber said...

But I ask you, is it better to be the party of debate-cheating Blackberry addicts?