Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rand Paul's Hitler twaddle

Here's Rand Paul, demonstrating how ideology can imprison a mind and foster historical ignorance:
"In 1923, when they destroyed the currency, they elected Hitler. And so they elected somebody who vilified one group of people, but he promised them, 'I will give you security if you give me your liberty,' and they voted him in. And that's not to mean that anybody around is Hitler, but it's to mean that you don't want chaos in your country. And we could have chaos, not just because of the Democrats, but because the Democrats and the Republicans have all been spending us into oblivion."
Some problems:

1. Hitler did not come to power in 1923; rather it was 1933.
2. Hitler was never elected, though he was initially appointed by a democratically elected government.
3. When Hitler did come to power, the major economic problem in Germany was not destruction of the currency or hyperinflation but rather that the Depression had begun and unemployment was soaring.
4. Hitler has no particular relevance to the spending policies of the Democrats and Republicans.

UPDATE: This post was previously titled "Rand Paul's gibberish," but I felt that could refer to too many other things.

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