Friday, October 22, 2010

Ideological flux links

Several diverse links that promote some needed rethinking of ideological labels and categories:

"Neoconservatives: The True Centrists," by Mark Cantora, American Thinker. I don't agree with all of this, as I think some neoconservative thinking on foreign policy is indeed immoderate; but leftists who think "neocons" are the far right may benefit from some historical and ideological reorientation.

"The Populist-Progressive Grudge Match," by David Frum, part of a fascinating series at FrumForum on two terms often resurrected, conflated and distorted.

"Introducing 'climate hawks'," by David Roberts, Grist, and "Climate Hawks Take Wing," by John Rennie, PLoS Blogs. These involve an interesting attempt to relabel and rebrand those who think (as I do) that climate change poses serious risks that need to be addressed. I hope the term has some effect in getting Republicans and conservatives to rethink the climate issue, but I'm not sure it will--especially if the "Climate Hawks" show a reflexive contempt for the right. We'll see.

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