Thursday, October 14, 2010

Knepper redux

One more note about Alex Knepper. As I've mentioned, I support David Frum's decision to discontinue Knepper's work for FrumForum. A writer should be an asset, not a liability, to a publication for which he writes, and the uncovering of genuinely offensive material posted elsewhere by Knepper makes that impossible at present. But I'm glad to see Knepper getting his side of the story out now. Moreover, as I've written, it seems to me plausible that this will become a legal case, and I hope that any parties that have made legally actionable statements will be held accountable. In that regard, while I'd become jaded about most of Ann Coulter's "shock" statements, I am genuinely shocked that she, a lawyer by training, would tweet about someone being an "actual pedophile" with an evident lack of regard as to whether that's a factual statement.

UPDATE 10/15: also see Michael Tracey's take on all this at HuffingtonPost.

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