Monday, May 26, 2008

NJ Transit Customer Service Part Deux

My email to NJ Transit, with names of a few individuals deleted:

Dear NJ Transit:

My wife and I ride NJ Transit daily, and were nonplussed by the company's performance at the Frank R. Lautenberg Secaucus Junction Station this afternoon. We were waiting on Track G, the listed platform for the 5:31 train, and next thing we knew both we and several other people had missed the train, which had passed through elsewhere without any apparent announcement or information on the screen.

We and several others in the same predicament went to Customer Service, where we spoke to your Mr. [deleted] and Ms. [deleted]. Ms. [deleted] informed us, politely but unhelpfully, that "All you had to do was turn around" to Platform H to get the train. But we had not been made aware of any rerouting, nor in fact did it even appear to us that the train on Track H had actually stopped.

Thus, we and others ended up waiting another hour for the 6:30 train. This follows a previous incident in which we missed a train because of the slowness of other personnel at the Secaucus Junction Station to do a timely gate transfer.

I do not know if the problem today was one of your personnel or your public information systems, or both, but in any event it was unsatisfactory. It would be unfortunate if Sen. Lautenberg's name became associated with such lassitude, laziness, listlessness and lethargy.


Ken Silber

My earlier frustration at Secaucus Transfer was noted here.

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