Sunday, February 3, 2008

Not burdening our children

An excellent article on long-term economic prospects by Greg Mankiw in the New York Times. Excerpt:
Republican candidates are fond of saying we should cut tax rates because doing so would incentivize more rapid economic growth (true) and raise tax revenue (wishful thinking). But unless we figure out a politically acceptable way to reduce the benefits now promised to future retirees, taxes are going up in the coming decades. The national debate will have to shift from which tax cuts do the most good to which tax increases do the least harm.

Democratic candidates like to talk about expanding the social safety net with universal health insurance. But they blithely ignore the fact that the safety net we already have was bought on credit and that the bill is almost due.

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A More Inconvenient Truth said...

I read the same article, very accurate take on the current political and economic situation. Completely agree w/ the point about tax rates, especially corporate tax rates. Read some more, from the perspective of a young American, on my blog.