Friday, February 29, 2008

Bailey and carbon

Nick Gillespie writes that "Ron Bailey is by far the most scrupulously honest and intellectually serious science writer I know." As a science writer who's worked with Nick, I'll have to live with that perhaps condemnatory judgement. As for Bailey, I think his willingness to rethink global warming--and risk being called a "Pontius Pilate" for it--indeed does speak very well of him. For me, having written relatively little about global warming over the years (including this), coming to think a carbon tax has merit was undoubtedly a less stressful transition.

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George Musser said...

There is surely a dissertation in figuring out why climatology became an ideological issue. It's entirely right and proper to question the *response* to climate change, in view of competing social priorities, but why did the *science* get swept up into this? Many skeptics had a disturbingly cynical, conspiratorial view of science that simply doesn't reflect how it is actually done. Moreover, they claimed to stand up for science while denying foundational scientific principles, such as being one's own best critic. It's great that Bailey acknowledges this now -- I've always liked his writings on every issue except this one.