Sunday, July 14, 2013

Capsule review: Europa Report

What an extended exercise in tedium this movie was.

Europa Report was about 90 minutes long but gave the impression of some kind of relativistic time extension, even with the expedient of pressing the fast-forward on the remote in the Delaware hotel room where this sci-fi "thriller" cost $19.99 [!] on pay-per-view. I appreciate the film's earnestness in seeking some scientific verisimilitude and making a premise out of the idea that lakes on Europa, discovered in 2011, could be an environment for life. But with slow pacing, a disjointed story line, a distinct lack of character development (painfully evident once the characters start to die off and you try to remember what they did while alive) and a ponderous use of the "found footage" gimmick, this bit of hard sci-fi will be an ordeal for sentient organisms on Earth.

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