Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Post-denialist politics

In my recent talk on "Science vs., Politics" at the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking (PhACT), I argued, among other things, that science denialism in the GOP has probably peaked, such that we'll likely see an effort by Republican politicians to shed the political liability of being seen as the antiscience party. Today I am pleased to see Marco Rubio doing just that (and it is to his credit, as there's no honor in denying scientific facts).

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Ray Haupt said...

You were very clear at the PhACT lecture about the perverse foolishness of a large faction of Republicans who have been eager to accept unproven contentions about denial of climate change and evolution. Even worse, those factions are aggressive in attempting to transport those notions into public schools as part of the science curriculum.
It is indeed good to hear a major Republican figure acknowledge reality.