Friday, December 14, 2012

Gun controls (in favor)

I don't talk or write about gun controls much. I don't have a detailed opinion as to exactly where the lines should be drawn, as to what's legal and who's allowed to have them. But it's clear enough to me (and more so today than ever before) that the lines are in the wrong place now; that it's much too easy for dangerous people to get powerful weapons; and that some of these horrible events can be prevented. I agree with the gist of the following posts:

-- "Every Day is the Day to Talk About Gun Control," by David Frum.

--  "The Horror in Newtown, Ctd.", in which a reader makes a point at Andrew Sullivan's blog.

(Note I use the plural "controls," to emphasize the ancillary point that regulations are not an all-or-nothing thing.)

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