Sunday, September 2, 2012

Climate and abortion priorities

There's an interesting review of Chris Mooney's The Republican Brain at The American Conservative by Henry Chappell. Chappell makes some good points, but this sure isn't one of them:
It doesn’t seem to occur to Mooney that dogged resistance to climate science might have something to do with loyalty and priority. If you look at an image of a 10-week-old fetus and see “human,” instead of a lump of insentient human tissue, then climate change is not humanity’s most pressing issue.
Me: (1) I have yet to hear anyone actually make such an argument, i.e. "I don't deny global anthropogenic global warming very plausiblywill have terrible effects but I don't care much because I'm focused on abortion." (2) Denying global warming's reality or importance, as many conservatives have, does absolutely zero for unborn babies. (3) What about the children who actually are born, and their children? They have to live on this planet.

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