Tuesday, September 1, 2009

String theory and the Fed

This comment, posted by a Murray Rothbard/Ron Paul enthusiast in reply to my post here, sets a new standard for incoherence. Excerpt:
Okay, so if you're to accept one of the 26 dimensions of the string theory being tossed around, perhaps one of those can be a flat universe, with 3rd dimension equaling time, instead of the 4th. Who knows, you may be correct in that universe. But, that's a hypothetical based on an unproven hypothetical theory. And, that's how much stock I put in your uninformed, misinformed denial of the FACT that the FED is private entity.


Anonymous said...

Same guy here, got tracked back to your blog after you put up another pro-corporatist/fascist, hail-the-State, pro-FED nonsense in light of Ron Paul's new release, End the FED.

National Review pundit, wonky wonk wonk, figures.

So IF YOU happen to NOT understand something, then it automatically makes the original poster incoherent? Or, perhaps you're stating an apparent personal disposition of your own lack of understanding of the world beyond your cubicle, which should be self-evident to any acute observer of human behavior?

You do know what string theory is, right?

My drive-by quip about the String Theory wasn't meant to be a haha funny, but at the risk of deflating a temporary non-aspirantly whimsical commentary, and belaboring what shouldn't be, I'll explain: you display a delusional investment into a bubbled-reality understanding of what the FED is.

As such, I'm merely comparing your mental state, or lack thereof, to the same group of self-professed avant-garde theoretical physicists, key being "theoretical," whom have invested their entire professional lives chasing after one particular idea to bind the world of the macro and the nano, with a single theory to explain it all. Which, after some 40yrs it still remains a theory. Frankly, they have no more credibility than the UFO-logists, whom I'm sure they'd laugh bemusingly at.

The FED IS a PRIVATE entity. No matter how much you don't want it to be, or propagandize it to be otherwise. Facts are Facts. Yes, like I said, Reality, it's a funny thing: it is what it is, despite what you may want it to be.

Calling the FED a gvt agency, or quasi-private-gvt co-op, is just euphemism to explain to the moronic sheeple. It's in name only. Their model is not like the AMTRAK or even the Port Authority. Worst of all, they've not even lived up to their own stated mandate of keeping the value of the dollar sound: I don't know how math works in your world, Silber, but losing 96% of its purchasing power/value since 1913 is NOT considered keeping the "soundness" of anything.

The only "appointee" (the Fed Chairman) shoved in front the Pres. for him to submit before the Senate for approval, by the regional board of Fed Governors, are the only symbol of gvt accountability. When's the last time you've seen Bd. of Governors selected FED Chairman candidate, NOT be approved by the Senate? You cannot be that daft, my dear child.

Really, are you still stuck in Marconi's era? It really does not take much for even the most uninformed layman to track this info down, with, or without the web. Perhaps you should learn to make better use of Google, or LexisNexis, for that matter.

You do realize, you'll never get to dine, regularly, with the same billionaires that you seem to be deluding you are part of their social class with, right? They have a word for it, sycophant. Or, in the quackademia, I think they call them "grant-whores." But in the unlikely chance that you do, just remember this, "Night of the Long Knives." They hate rats more than they hate us mere peons.

"Incoherence," in your world, Silber, is like dysentery trying to breathe through the mouth. How's that for haha, not so haha?

Coherent enough for you, now?

Anonymous said...

PS. It seems so many needy neoCONs simply must invoke the name "Ron Paul" to get ratings, or get a rise in website hit counter.

Good, you've done your bit.

Without honest people for you to nitpick the irrelevant, what would you people possibly do for a living, or remotely ever get a chance to reflect on your own life choices?

Speaking of which, after such improbable reflection, I do hope the path you pursue would not be that of the self-hating Briton drunkard Christopher Hitchens, the once uber liberal turned neoCON, or is it neoLiB, now...

Oh wait, same difference, LiBs vs. CONs, same assh*les, different name. neoCONs were uber Commie disaffected jewish liberal intellectuals from the 1960's. Oh dang it, now I gave you an easy ammo to counter with. Hey, they weren't Chinese intellectuals. Facts are facts.

So have at it. I preempt your charge of anti-semite with an anti-dentite. That level of diatribe is the only rebuttal I can possibly see, coming forth with your level of understanding of the world. Unless that is, IF you actually read or watched the last Rothbard link I sent you, and actually had a chance to reflect on your Keynesian world, rah, rah, rah. Or, perhaps I should just call you a Tory, rah, rah, rah, and be done with it.

But fear not, mein Freund, it's your blog. You get to be the King and get to have the last say, in perpetuity, to which, I humbly withdraw my but mere verbosity from engaging any further at the proprietor of this blog, whom should be shoving cow manure, in hopes of possibly finding repentance, or to make onself more honest. Instead, you shovel manure for neoCONS. Except the former? More useful, and fulfilling.

So here's to hoping you'll shovel real manure, instead of lyrical idiocy. But then again, funny thing about reality, once the dollar crashes, as Helicopter Ben is not apt to change his accelerated path of destruction of the dollar and the American Republic/Empire along with it, on behalf of his BankSter masters, you'll soon find yourself looking for a more honest, fulfilling line of work anyway.

See, if you actually knew a thing or two about what the REAL FreeMarket is all about, you'd respect REALITY, much more. The "market" always favors facts. And those who stand in its way, go way of the DoDo.

So here's my advice to you. Don't let yourself be on the wrong end of the Darwinian scale. You certainly are NOT gonna survive in the Banksters' Social Darwinian Scale.

Something to ponder upon Mr.QuickSilber. Will you be mercurial, as per your pun, or spin like a broken record in a tiny, tiny sandbox not of your creation?

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